Beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has been brewing for a good few years now. Some of you may have heard about the physical squabbles, one involving 50 punching Ja and another with Ja's crew stabbing 50 and a friend of his. Ever since 50 Cent has served Ja Rule on wax, with such songs as "Your Life is on the Line" where 50 immitates Ja's yelling of "Murdaaaa" in the hook and "Get Out the Club" which specificly mentions the incident at the club..."You come 15 niggas, 10 knives, and I leave with 4 stitches, that ain't assault, that's an insult".

 Now that 50 signed with Shady/Aftermath Records, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti seem to have a problem with Dr. Dre and Eminem for signing an artist that they have beef with. On Tuesday, November 19, both Ja Rule and Irv Gotti were special guests on Star and Bucwild's morning show on Hot 97 NYC. Irv Gotti had some 'legal documents' stating the order of protection 50 'has on him'. Ja Rule yelled out "gay gay gay gay u - nit" mimicing the way 50 did "g-g-g-g-u-nit" in the beginning of the "Till I Collapse" freestyle (On the 8 Mile soundtracks bonus disk titled "Aftermath Sampler").

Ja Rule has since threatened Eminem and Dre, that if they allow 50 Cent to release a diss track towards him or Muder Inc. that Ja would take action against Eminem
Cadillac Tah

 Cadillac Tah has some beef with 50, their beef isn't really exposed to the public much, Black Child, one of murder inc's members is rumoured to be the one who shot 50 in front his grandma's house, and was also rumored to be the one who stabbed 50 in a club, the rumor says " murder inc members, including jarule and irv gotti enterd a club, the lights went out, black stabbed 50, the lights came back. Since then, black child had made two disses towards 50cent, "theres a snitch in the club" and "you the wanksta" in both songs black talks about shooting 50, stabbing and other things, "i got a lot of living to do before i die, and i aint got time to waste, shoot this nigga in his face"

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