G-UNIT Флаг тебе в жопу и звезду в лоб!!!

Tony Yayo

 He got his first break with a very small-unknown record label, First Choice. There, Tony rapped on local mix tapes and earned neighborhood respect as a good rapper. Since he knew 50 cent, he hooked up with him in about 1998, when 50 cent was signed to Columbia records. 50 took Tony under his wing and brought him places. Around this time 50 cent shot his first video in Cancun and took Tony along with him. Here Tony says, "I seen people wearing houses around their necks and BenZ's on their wrist." In Cancun Tony realized that the entertainment business was definitely real. He realized that these rappers were making more money or just as much as big time drug dealers. He realized selling drugs had no future for him, but death or jail. Tony realized 50 cent was the only one around the block he looked up to that was still around to enjoy and talk about his life. This was the change that Tony wanted, and is now pursuing.
 Currently Tony is one of the hottest underground street rappers on their verge of signing to a major label. He sticks with 50 cent because he knows 50 cent is definitely going places and is a great mentor to the game. Their g-unit cd is taking them to the top. Tony feels he is still a hustler but with music now. He says, " I'm not trying to be 30 still on the strip, I'm trying to be 30 filthy rich." He feels that through the music industry he will stay young because there are always new aspiring young individuals that will keep him motivated to work hard and do what he does best. Tony says," rapping has got to be the way."

Lloyd Banks

 Banks linked up with 50 and Yayo rapping, fresh out of High School in 1999 at the age of 17. This is when he was subjected to, what he feels is the hatred in the rap game. Bank feels most people don't like rappers because they get the spotlight. In 2001 around the Sept 11 incident Banks was shot twice. He feels this was due to all the hatred in the game but it just made him bounce back harder.
 The incident sticks in Banks mind as the point were he really, really started taking rap serious. When he recovered from the incident, he laid down his first rhyme in the studio, which is a song on the G-Unit cd, (Song # 6) G-Unit soldiers. Banks currently doesnt listen to any other rappers except his crew. He says " My ears are closed to everybody, except 50, Yayo, and myself. He says "I'm the hungry young nigga in the crew. So if anyone has something to say about g-unit as a group or 50 cent as an artist, hes the one who will respond." He knows they are hot right now and only want to get hotter. They are currently recording G-Unit Part 2 in the studio.

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